85 grams of Meth & Ecstasy seized in 5th Wheel Camper Drug Raid – Madison

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A mid-day drug raid in Madison produced 85 grams of crystal meth, and 8 ecstasy pills, among other things. The raid was on a 5th-wheel camper on the property of 1001 Due West Valley Drive in Madison.

Madison CSU Detectives executed a narcotic related search warrant on the camping trailer that belongs to Michael Stillwell. According to an affidavit, inside the trailer approximately 85 grams of meth were found in multiple different containers. There were 8 ecstasy pills, 1 Xanax pill, multiple digital scales, ½ gram of marijuana, meth pipes and multiple baggies. All of the above property was found in the bedroom section of the trailer.

Photo: Stillwell, Harris, Chrestman

Here are the players:

Joni Evelyn Harris, 38, stated that she lives inside the trailer with Stillwell. When Harris was asked about the narcotics she would not answer any questions. She was booked on Poss.w/Int-Cont.Sub.-Meth 26-299 gr, possession/exchange, possession of Sch 1 w/intent, and paraphernalia charges. She is held on a $52,000 bond.

Gregory Wayne Chrestman, 52, was in the kitchen area of the trailer when the search warrant was executed. In his right front pocket, officers located a Pall Mall cigarette pack, and inside was 3.25 grams of meth and a snorting straw. Chrestman stated he uses meth to help him stay awake for work, though he denied ownership of the meth that was in his pocket, but claimed the snorting straw as his own. He is charged with Poss.w/Int-Cont.Sub.-Meth .5gr or more , and a paraphernalia charge. He is held on a $26,000 bond.

Michael David Stillwell, 47, stated he lives on the property with his girlfriend and that he had recently purchased the trailer. Stillwell stated he has had the trailer parked on the property for a few weeks. When Stillwell was specifically about the narcotics located inside the camper he stated he wanted to talk to his lawyer. He was not asked anymore questions about the narcotics, however while being transported to booking Stillwell freely stated the co-defendants were innocent of any charges. He is charged with Poss.w/Int-Cont.Sub.-Meth 26-299 gr , possession/exchange, possession Sch 1 w/intent, and paraphernalia charges. He is held on a $152,000 bond.

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