Bordeaux Tiger Market Brawl: 45yo beats & drags 27yo across parking lot by hair for “sleeping with her husband”

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There was a show-down of sorts on Friday afternoon at the Tiger Market in Bordeaux, as MNPD officers were stopping to fuel a patrol car they observed 45 year old Darnykka Daniel McCray dragging 27 year old Lanika Cartwright across the gas station parking lot by her hair.

As officers were getting stopped they noticed Darnykka was also punching Lanika in the head with her closed fist. Officers screamed for Darnykka to “let her go”, and Darnykka immediately complied and started screaming. Despite continued efforts by offers to get her to stop screaming, she continued for some time, and would not listen to officers.

As soon as Lanika was released from Darnykka’s grip, she ran back to her vehicle and retrieved a handgun in front of officers. Lanika drew down on Darnykka, at which time caused MNPD officers to draw down on Lanika, who complied with commands to put her handgun down and get on the ground.

Eventually, Darnykka McCray would tell officers that Lanika “had been sleeping with my husband” and that “she had it coming to her”.

Officers reviewed the entire video of the incident, and Darnykka McCray was determined to the primary aggressor and was charged with assault & disorderly conduct, and posted a $3,000 bond via Able bonding Friday night. Lanika Cartwright was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly  weapon and posted a given a $10,000 bond before being transferred to Williamson County for an outstanding warrant, where she also later bonded out on Saturday.

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