“Can I just give you who the real dealers are, I don’t even deal much” – Tony Tejada #Arrested

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Late Monday night, Rene Antonio Tejada (“Tony”), was the driver of a 2004 Nissan Frontier parked at the Kangaroo Express on Haywood Lane. MNPD observed a male white open the passenger door of Tejada’s vehicle and make an exchange and then the passenger closed the door of the Frontier and got into the passenger side of another vehicle. Tejada¬† left the location immediately, while officers conducted a terry stop on the male white that was the other half of the transaction. This individual cooperated and told officers that he purchased .1 grams of heroin from Tejada for $20, and officers seized the brown powder substance in a folded piece of paper.

Subsequently, a traffic stop was conducted on Tejada for speeding and failing to make a complete stop at a four way stop sign. Tejada provided to search his vehicle and his person. As Detective Baney began to search his person, Tejada ran from him, and made it about fifty yards on foot before Detectives Baney & Haley took him to the ground, though Tejada continued to resist, continuing to pull his hands away and escape their grip. Detectives wrestled with him nearly a full minute on the ground before he was cuffed.

Detective Haley located a folded one dollar bill containing a brown powder substance inside Tejada’s wallet. The total weight of Heroin was 1.2 grams. After the incident, while speaking to a detective, Tejada asked:

“can I just give you who the real dealers are, I don’t even deal much?”

As the traffic stop was conducted at on Keeley Drive in front of Tejada’s residence which is in the Colemont Elementary school zone, he was additionally charged with drugs in a school zone. Multiple elementary school students were walking home from school during the stop. Tejada has three previous drug and drug paraphernalia charges in Davidson County.

Tony Tejada was given a $43,000 bond which he posted shortly after being booked, and will appear in court on 06/08/18.

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