Clint Osborn Murdered Dr. Alan Edwards, stuffed body in container in basement of East Nashville Home

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East Precinct detectives this morning are charging Clint Osborn, 28, with criminal homicide for what appears to be the brutal stabbing death of his housemate, Alan Edwards, 61, inside Edwards’ 2611 Barclay Drive home.

Friends of Edwards went to check on him after receiving strange texts. When they went to his Barclay Drive home, Osborne answered the door and let them inside. Police said they found Edwards’ bed stripped of its sheets and a female friend of Osborn in the home. It turns out that Osborne had sent the strange messages on the victim’s phone.

MNPD forced their way inside and found Osborn and the woman, and saw blood and could smell an odor of body decomposition. Osborn and the woman were detained at the scene. After obtaining a search warrant, police said Edwards’ body was found in a basement closet stuffed into a large plastic container that had been covered and duct taped.

According to investigators, he appeared to have been stabbed to death. When questioned by police, the woman reportedly made statements implicating Osborn in the murder. Detectives said Osborn would not answer questions.

Police were called to the home in February, where Osborn was charged with resisting arrest (which was later dismissed). Here’s the details of that interaction from the officer:

On Feb 25 2018, I was dispatched to a possible drug overdose at 2611 Barclay Dr. Alan Edwards lives at the location and has known the defendant for nine years. Alan called 911 because he believed the Osborn was having a bad drug reaction. Alan stated Osborn was not responsive, his color was changing, his breathing was not normal, and was on the floor convulsing. When I arrived Osborn was unable to control his body movements and was acting belligerent. Due to his behavior I was concerned for his safety as well of the safety of paramedics. Osborn changed his mind several times about getting medical attention. I was concerned the defendant needed immediate medical treatment because Alan stated this is not the defendant_s normal behavior. The defendant changed his demeanor several times being angry and cooperative and his actions were unpredictable. After the defendant walked outside he immediately turned and attempted to walk back in the house refusing to be treated. I ordered the defendant to stop and he refused and tried to force his body inside the door. I placed the defendant in custody for everyone_s safety. I told the defendant he was under arrest for resisting a stop.

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