Maureeshia Lumpkin asleep behind the wheel. DUI, Assault on Officers x4. Kicks, bites, pinches Officers.

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Just before 8 AM on Sunday morning, MNPD observed Maureeshia Lumpkin in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, asleep, wearing only black underwear, a hooded sweatshirt, and socks. The vehicle was on Archer St near Southside Ave and was in the road running. Officers worked excessively in order to attempted to wake up Lumpkin by knocking on her windows, and eventually she woke up enough that police were able to gain entry to the vehicle to turn off the ignition for safety.

Once Lumpkin stepped out of the vehicle, officer’s say it was apparent she was under the influence of alcohol, and they also suspected other intoxicants due to her behavior, demeanor, and lack of cooperation. According to a police report, an odor of alcohol was coming from her person, and she was “extremely disorderly” towards officers that were assisting her.

Her answers were incoherent when asked questions, and she struggled to keep her balance, very unsteady on her feet, when attempting to stand. Lumpkin was slurring words and not making any logical sense throughout her thought process, per the officers interacting with her.

Once the determination was made that she would be arrested for DUI, she was asked to perform SFST, which she denied, and also refused any blood/breath testing, in violation of the implied consent law.  But Lumpkin’s Sunday police was just beginning.

At 8:11 AM Sunday morning, Maureeshia Lumpkin was placed under arrest and read her Miranda rights at 8:13 AM. Once she was being placed into handcuffs, she became extremely combative and began to assault, kick, bite, and pinch officers that were placing her into custody.

Once Lumpkin was placed inside the patrol car she attempted to kick out the rear window of the police cruiser, which caused her to be hobbled around her feet. Even after the hobble was in place, Lumpkin continued to assault officer and attempt to destroy government property, including the patrol car.

Once MNPD Officers arrived at DCSO for booking, they removed Lumpkin from the patrol car. She then spat on Officer Edwards while he was attempting to remove her hobble restraint. Once she was transferred into DCSO custody, she began to verbally threaten officers with retaliation and death threats.

Maureeshia Lumpkin was charged with DUI, Implied Consent, Resisting Arrest, and 4 counts of Assault on an Officer. She was released on the pre-trail release program, and will appear in court on 06/01/2018.


Lumpkin was in the movie The Bloody Bones, and can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Model Mayhem, Facebook, and her Personal Fitness page.

On her personal blog, Lumpkin tells why she moved to Nashville, as it seems the point was to get away from situations such as this:

Everyone here in Nashville, TN is basically a transplant.  So the most common question everyone asks is, “Why did you move to Nashville out of all places?”. This question I’ve heard plenty of times and I always tell my generic answer of how I wanted to be apart of this growing town. Little do they know I knew nothing about Nashville.

Flash back to a few years ago. I was this partying girl who dropped out of college and moved back to Southern Illinois. I ended up moving to a town that happened to have a college that was well known for their partying. I found myself working in the bar scene and getting mixed into the wrong crowd. This was pretty easy to do because you only have to be 19 to get into these bars and if you had a friend working the door, you were automatically “21” for the night. I didn’t even realize what was happening until I was in a situation where it was almost 3am and I was dealing with the cops for domestic abuse. I realized I was so numb to everything that was going on due to all of the alcohol and I was drinking my life away. I ended up moving away from that town to a town 30 minutes away and ended up getting a good job at a law firm and getting back into school.

I wish I could say I ended up on a straight path after this but I ended up staying in this emotionally abusive relationship and letting it affect not only my mental health but also relationships I had with friends and family. I lost my best friends because I chose him over them. I chose to defend him to the point they removed themselves from my life. It was to the point I felt alone. There’s only so many times you can cry to a friend and they eventually all start to look away each time you say, “I can’t do this anymore. This is the last time, I’m done.” But are you?

I think one day I woke up and it just clicked. Something changed. I don’t know if it was one too many drunk nights of fights. Or one too many confrontations with the cops about how toxic the relationship was. The lies, the games, the “I love you and I promise it won’t happen again.” I just remember in that moment I had a flash forward of what my life would be like. If I wasn’t happy now, I would never be. So I ended up picking a major city that happened to be only 3 hours from home. A city I knew no one. The perfect place to “recreate myself”.

So that next day I turned my two week notice into work. I was doing it. With barely any money saved up I moved to Nashville, TN. I’ve been here over a year now.


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