Mayoral candidate Jeff Napier can’t pay $850 Flex loan, wants to manage $2.2 billion city budget

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Nashville Mayoral candidate Jeffrey Napier was named in a civil lawsuit on May 8th, and a civil warrant was signed on May 9th for him to appear in court. He is being sued by Advance Financial for a Flex loan that was never repaid, for $851.98, plus $283.99 in attorney’s fees, for a total of $1,135.97 + fees. As a reminder, the budget for the city of Nashville, for which the Mayor is responsible, is just over $2.2 Billion.

Nashville Mayoral Candidate Jeff Napier

Napier was reached by phone late Friday evening, and was not yet aware of the lawsuit, as he had yet to be served the civil warrant. During a ten minute recorded conversation, he was quick to say that he has never taken out a loan from Advanced Financial, even seemed to not know what the company was when we mentioned the name, which was surprising since their advertisements are on TV and radio more often than Bart Durham. It’s worth noting, as soon as the interview ended, we were blocked from his social media accounts.

When pressed about some minor details that stood out on the loan application that weren’t quite current, such as address being different than the one he listed on his mayoral candidate paperwork, he admitted that he was associated with the address on the application, though it was not his current address.

Napier also asked some questions, such as “if i HAD of taken out a loan, it wouldn’t have been recently, so this could be from a long time ago, right?” as “they take a while to sue you for the money?” – yet at the end of the call he repeated his denial that this load is us, and that it must have been taken out in his name without his permission, even hinting that it could have been done to impact his candidacy. Advance Financial requires verified photo identification, as well as verifies identity using internal systems at the time of loan processing.

Jeff Napier filled out a questionnaire for The Tennessean, which was published earlier this week, and he was asked the question below. It’s clear he’s already lied about this issue, and even blocked this reporting from contacting him, despite his commitment below:

The timing was brought into question as his financial disclosures were filed on Wednesday 05/09, which listed a total of $600 had been contributed to the campaign by himself, which was the only money taken in during the disclosure, period which spanned from 04/01 – 04/21. That amount was just slightly less than owed flex loan payment, which brought up the topic of timing between defaulting on a load and being sued for the amount.

Though he has yet to be served the paperwork, the preliminary court date for this matter is June 6th, 2018. In the interest of full disclosure, below is our call log with the candidate, and his recently submitted financial disclosure forms.

05/11/18 Call Log w/Jeff Napier


Attentive readers will recognize the scandal-ridden name that he paid $500 of campaign funds to, for a website (that is a $29 max value) – more on that in a Tuesday story.


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