Metro Council Candidate Sylvester Armor: Real Estate License Suspended, Ignoring Garnishments for 25K+

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Sylvester Armor is running for the hotly contested District 1 City Council seat in Nashville – an election that happens this Thursday (05/24). In his interviews and articles about his campaign, he touts his experience as a real estate agent, and while he technically is a realtor, the truth is that he’s been operating illegally for several months, until Scoop: Nashville brought it to his attention on Tuesday. He couldn’t manage to keep his real-estate license fees up-to-date with the state. According to the state of Tennessee, it was illegal for Armor to present himself as a real-estate agent during the several month period he was suspended, which he was certainly doing.

Armor told the TN Tribune:  “As a realtor, I will continue to inform members of District 1 on current issues that will impact our community.  My aim is to provide accurate information so constituents of District 1 can make sound decisions. District 1 is one of the last areas to be developed within Nashville. I have developed relationships with real estate developers to build units specifically for our 55 and older community members within District 1.”

There’s just one problem with that statement. The state of Tennessee suspended his real estate license in Tennessee was suspended for non payment, and non-renewal, despite repeated notices from the state. If he can’t even keep up with the license that he must have to earn a living, how is he going to manage important matters for the entire district?  Was setting a calendar reminder too hard?

We contacted Armor for comment in regards to this on Tuesday, and within a couple of hours, he sent us an image of an updated license status, which was paid for and renewed after we presented the issue to him hours before.

In addition to the above issues with his license to do his job, it appears that Sylvester Armor can’t manage his own debts, much less those of a city. According to public court records, Armor was issued a $26,000 judgement – both personally and professionally, and they’ve been trying to garnish it from his wages and business accounts for nearly 6 years now, without success. If he can’t pay his own debts, how is he going to manage decisions that will effect those for the entire city of Nashville?

We also asked Armor about this debt, and in an email to Scoop: Nashville, he stated it was for a lease he co-signed, and the amount was only $4,000 – however court records show much different story. The most recent garnishment attempt, only a few months old, clearly shows the amount is still is nearly $25,000. He also claims he hasn’t been able to reschedule a court date since 2011, or file a proper post hearing motion. Here’s his own words:

Here are the most recent words from the court, from this year, on a debt they’ve been trying to enforce since 2012:

Armor even attempted to file a slow-pay motion with the court after all the garnishments failed, but the request was dismissed. At that time, Armor stated he only had $48 in his bank account, and only made $1800 per month, of which he spent all but $25, but the order was never accepted by the court.

There are multiple other civil suits, debts, and examples of not properly managing his own life, but tomorrow, Sylvester Armor will ask you to let him help manage the entire city.

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