Nashville Mayoral Candidate says citizens are “Screwing up God’s plan” by “mix-breeding” #ThatsRacist

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Most people, even racist ones, would take the time to either lock down their social media, or delete questionable content from it, before they decide to run for an elected office. It would seem that Nashville Mayoral Candidate Jeff Napier isn’t most people. Knowing his views had been shared on social media for all to see previously, he decided to run anyway.

In one of many similar posts on Facebook, we were able to locate Jeff Napier’s opinions many things, all in a single post, as seen below, where he calls people “rag heads”, “dot heads” and calls them “non-Americans” and goes even further to say that people are “screwing up God’s creations by mix breeding”.

He doubles down on his comments in a response to this post:

Jeff Napier didn’t stop there, he calls the gay pride flag a ‘fag flag’ and questions why anyone would fly it…

And then here he is seen skydiving with his confederate flag:

Jeff Napier also sells confederate flags:

Jeff Napier wants to be Nashville’s Mayor, but does Nashville want Jeff Napier? That’s up to the voters. In the meantime, we received word from an official campaign email account of Jeff Napier that they were suing Scoop Nashville for ‘defamation of character’ and making it a ‘class action lawsuit’, since we published his civil lawsuit, where he is being sued by Advance Financial for non-payment of a loan. We have yet to receive any formal notice from their attorney. In the meantime, Jeff Napier continues to campaign to be the next Mayor of Nashville.



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