Nashville Prostitution Arrest: 2 girls, 1 hour, $400. Meth & Mushrooms.

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Jordan Paige Hogue, 21, is currently in the Davidson County Jail on multiple charges, stemming from a prostitution sting on 05/03/18.

On May 3rd, MNPD detectives made contact with Jordan Hogue via a website known for prostitution, where she had posted an ad. The offer was to be with 2 women, for 1 hour, at a rate of $400 total.

Contact was made, and all parties agreed to meet at a Nashville hotel. Once inside the hotel, all parties agreed to the sex in exchange the money, and other detectives entered the hotel room. As they came into the room, Jordan Hogue began to shove an ounce of mushrooms between her legs. Detectives watched her try to hide the mushrooms and directed her to retrieve them, which she did.

Both women were sharing a purse, and they gave consent for it to be searched. Inside the purse was a small amount of methamphetamine, along with marijuana and rolling papers.

Jordan Paige Hogue is charged with: Prostitution ($2500 bond), Possession of Sch I ($5000 bond), Paraphernalia ($500 bond), PCS – Meth ($2,000 bond). She remains in jail in lieu of a $10,000 bond, and will appear in court on 05/10/18. Information on the other female is not currently available.


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