Percy Priest nets 2nd BUI Arrest for Memorial Day Weekend. Shane Mains Arrested #OnABoat

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Barely 24 hours after the first BUI (Boating Under the Influence) arrest of Memorial Day weekend, we now have our second. Shane Allen Mains was arrested Saturday night on Percy Priest Lake after it was determined he had drank at least 6 alcoholic drinks, and was under the influence of  “a lot” of different medications, of which he couldn’t name.

Per the incident report, while officers were patrolling Percy Priest Lake late Saturday evening, they noticed a vessel stop in the middle of the lake when he saw the patrol boat. Officers pulled up along side him to make sure he was ok and noticed his eyes were watery and his face was flush. He was asked him to produce all his required safety equipment and as he was speaking they noticed a smell of an alcoholic beverage coming from him.

Officers asked Shane Mains how much he had to drink that day and he said “a few, at least 6”. He then put on a life jacket boarded the patrol boat to perform Field Sobriety Tests. During the pre-screen FST questions he stated he was on a lot of different medications, some he could not remember the name of. He performed poorly on the FST and was placed under arrest for BUI (TCA 69-9-217a).

He was given a $2500 bond, but released on the pre-trial-release program, and will appear in court on 06/11/18. Mains has a prior boating violation that was dismissed in August of 2017.

The first BUI arrest of the season was on Friday.

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