Roger Moore Arrested for posting photo of his ex’s bare ass on Facebook #UnlawfulExposure

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Roger Moore and his wife are in the middle of a divorce, which she filed against him in January. They had been married since May of 2016. She already had an order of protection against him at the time she filed for divorce.

Last week, his wife was in Florida and posted this video on her Facebook timeline. She then received an alert that Roger Moore had posted on her page. The post was a photo of her bare buttocks and the text below:

“Pls allow me to help sense you like showing ur ass so much”

The photo was one that she had sent to him while they were together, and she states she never gave him permission to post on social media, or share with others. She claims this has caused her emotional distress that part of her body had been put on social media for the world to see, according to her sworn affidavit.

Roger Moore was taken into custody on Tuesday evening, and charged with ‘Unlawful Exposure’. He posted a $1500 bond. He has multiple upcoming court dates for this and related charges.

Moore was previously arrested on 04/27 for two additional violations of the Order of Protection violation, dated 04/03 & 04/26. In addition , he has a lengthy arrest history of theft, driving on suspended license, felony cocaine in a school zone, and assault.

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