1 arrested in Hermitage Jack In The Box shooting – but she’s not talking

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Police made an arrest Wednesday in the Hermitage Jack In The Box shooting. Amy N Austin was taken into custody after detectives say she refused several attempts to conduct an interview, and video footage clearly identified her as the driver of the car, and involved in the use/display of a deadly weapon. Police say she has direct knowledge of the shooter and other suspect that was in her vehicle, which she was driving, but continues to hinder the arrest by not providing their information. The incident started when when suspects in the vehicle asked the employees to cook their food fresh, which they did.

Amy Austin is charged with reckless aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless endangerment, and accessory after the fact. Here’s what police say happened on that June 4th incident:

Hermitage patrol officers responded to a shooting at the Jack in the Box on 6/4/2018, at 02:18 AM, at 5656 Old Hickory Blvd. Two victims were working that night stated a silver 2017 Nissan Altima with three suspects inside ordered food at the drive thru, they then drove around to the drive thru window to purchase their food, but was not satisfied with it.

The suspects asked if they could have fresh food and an employee replied yes, but she had to cook it and asked them to drive back around through the drive thru. The suspects did drive back around through the drive thru and to the window. They stated they were still not happy with her service and one of them (subject in the back driver side seat) threw something on the employee, and she retaliated by pouring a liquid (possibly soda) on the back window of the car.

The driver of the car who was later identified as Amy Austin got out of the car and started violently banging on the drive thru window with her fists. After Amy Austin stopped banging on the window she got back into the driver seat and parked in the drive thru for a few minutes.

The video footage shows a male in the back driver side passenger seat open the back door and look out at the vehicle in behind them twice; then suspect leaned out of the front passenger side door sitting up on the door frame leaning over the roof of the car with a dark colored handgun firing one shot at the drive thru window where the employee was standing.

Amy Austin them drove around to the front of the Jack in The Box where 8 more shots were fired at the restaurant shattering the front window while both employees where working inside. Suspects fled the scene before police arrived. After interviewing both victims and looking at video footage, detectives were able to identify the car and Amy Austin as the driver, and employees identified Austin as the driver via a photo line-up.

Detectives made several attempts to interview Amy Austin, but she refused to speak to them. Investigators were able to collect 8 shell casings in the parking lot in front of the restaurant where the window was shattered, and 1 round lodged in the window, as well as a shell casing from the drive-thru.

Austin bonded out shortly after her arrest, bond amounts were not immediately available due to CJIS maintenance.

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