2 Women Charged with Kidnapping & Agg Robbery after 2 Men Locked in their Bathroom

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Two Nashville women are in custody this morning, after police say that were part of a kidnapping/robbery plot that was carried out in their home, with their knowledge.

Doris D. Willis, 19, and Christina L Goodrich, 32, are both in a Davidson County jail this morning, after each being charged with kidnapping (Class C Felony) & aggravated robbery (Class B Felony).

According to court records, Harold Summers & Antonio Woodard were forced into a bathroom against their will at the residence, and robbed at gunpoint.

Initially, both defendants said they were not at the home during the robbery, and had no information about it. Eventually both admitted to not only being at the location, but had knowledge that the robbery was going to occur before it happened.

Both Goodrich & Willis are being held on $25,000 bonds and will appear in court on 06/12/18 for a review hearing. Other defendants are pending in the case, and have not yet been taken into custody, this is a developing story.

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