50 lbs of marijuana found in Music Valley Home in Nashville

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David Harris heard a knock at his Paddle Wheel Drive residence Monday afternoon, and on the other side of the door was Hermitage Crime Suppression Unit detectives. They were conducting a knock-and-talk as they had information Harris lived here, and had outstanding felony warrants out of Williamson County for marijuana sales/distribution.

Detectives report that as soon as Harris opened the door to greet them, there was an immediate odor of marijuana coming from inside the residence. David Harris declined the detectives request to search the home, so the scene was frozen and detectives obtained and executed a search warrant for the location. Detectives located approximately 50 pounds of marijuana in the bedroom, along with multiple scales.

Harris stated that he had lived there approximately a year, and stated that everything found was his. Harris was booked into Davidson County, charged with Possession w/Intent (SCH VI), and paraphernalia charges.

His bond for possession w/intent for 50 lbs of weed was $9,000, with an extra $1,000 for possession of the scales, for a total of $10,000 bond which he quickly via Grumpy’s, and was transferred to Williamson County, where, he then bonded out again around 3 AM on a $25,000 bond for 3 charges of selling marijuana.

Harris remains on TDOC Probation from a previous sentence, thru December of 2018.

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