62yo Grandmother kicked him in the ribs while they robbed him of his Nike Air Shoes

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A 62 year-old grandmother is waking up in a Nashville jail this morning, along with a 50 year-old accomplice, while a warrant has been issued for her son. The three held a man at knife-point in a Dupont Ave apartment, beat him, stole his money, threatened to ‘slice him up’, while the grandmother kicked him in the ribs while he was on the floor before they robbed him of his Samsung Galaxy phone, and took his black Nike Air’s off his feet, and left with them.

According to police, the incident happened on May 11th, when at 6 PM the victim went to visit his friend, Steven Piphus at his Dupont Ave apartment in Madison. Shortly after arriving, Piphus told the victim that he needed to be paid the $40 that he owed him, however the victim denied owing him any money, so didn’t give him any.

WANTED: Tony Moorer

Piphus walked into a different room of the apartment, where he was overheard making a phone call stating “the guy that owes me money is here”. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and a male and female entered the apartment that the victim did not know. They would later be identified as Tony Moorer, and his mother, Marquinta Moorer.

The pair immediately accosted the victim, and the male stuck his hands into the victim’s pockets and said “you owe my uncle money!”. The victim pushed him away, however the male attacker (Tony Moorer) began hitting and punching the victim in the head and face, when Piphus joined in the beating of the victim’s head and face.

Piphus stepped away and retrieved a large knife from the kitchen and told the victim he was going to “slice him up”. While the victim was on the floor of the apartment, the female (Marquinta Moorer) starting kicking the victim in his ribs.

The 3 eventually took $30 from the victim’s wallet, and removed the black Nike Air shoes off his feet, and took his Samsung Galaxy 7 phone.

There is video surveillance at the apartment building that corroborates the entire account. The video shows the victim leaving the apartment and getting on the elevator, he has blood on his shirt and his shoes were missing. A short time after the victim leaves, Piphus, and the male & female can be seen leaving the apartment. The male male is carrying a pair of black Nike Air shoes in his hands. The unknown (at the time) male & female were recognized by an employee at the building and identified as Tony Moorer and his mother Marquinta Moorer.

Steven Piphus & Marquinta Moorer were both taken into custody on Thursday, charged with aggravated robbery, and each is held on a $10,000 bond.

Tony Moorer currently a warrant for his arrest.

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