Another ‘Huffing’ DUI Arrest – Nashvillian passes out behind wheel, strikes car

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Andrew ‘Andy’ Keuter was arrested for his 2nd DUI earlier this month, after he admitted to huffing a can of ‘dust-off’ before passing out and run into another vehicle on the road.

According to MNPD, Keuter was involved in a motor vehicle accident at State St & 19th ave N on June 6th. Medics arrived on scene and recall seeing Keuter passed out at the wheel, with a bottle of dust-off in his lap, and a witness stated he saw Keuter pass out at the wheel, then travel forward slowly, and crash into another vehicle.

Once officers arrived on scene they observed a can of dust-off behind the passenger seat, and Keuter admitted to huffing the can of dust-off just 5 minutes prior to passing out. He stated he has a problem and history with huffing, but refused any medical treatment, and stated he was not injured in the accident.

Keuter told police that he “did not huff the entire can, but just a few seconds worth”. He showed signs of impairment during field sobriety tasks, and was taken into custody.

Andre Keuter was charged with DUI-2ND and booked into jail, and released on pre-trial-release. He will appear in court late this month for initial appearance.

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