Anthony ‘Doo Daddy’ Lampkins stashed gun in 12yo’s backpack when he saw police

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Late Saturday night, Anthony ‘Doo Daddy’ Lampkins, 29, was stopped for a traffic violation at Doverside & Dickerson, due to an inoperable tail & brake light. He handed officers his federal inmate ID card, and advised officers he was on federally supervised probation for racketeering charges related to gang activities, for which he received an 8 year sentence, and was just released 11 months ago.

While officers were speaking with the driver, Anthony Lampkins, a black extended magazine was visible in plain view on the rear passenger side floorboard. A probable cause search was conducted and a 9 MM Glock 19 Handgun (SN #BBEL952) with a live round in the chamber was located in a backpack in the backseat floorboard next to the magazine with 32 live rounds.

Laquita Lampkins, a back seat passenger, stated that Lampkins asked her for a bag when he initially observed police behind the vehicle. Ms. Lampkins handed the defendant a backpack, which belonged to the 12-year old passenger. Lampkins then handed the backpack back to her and it was placed on the floorboard near her feet.

The 12-year old, stated that his bag had been unattended throughout the day while he was outside playing basketball and the only items belonging to him within the backpack were his basketball shoes and other clothing. Lampkins was was read his Miranda Rights and refused to speak with officers

Lampkins was taken into custody, charged with weapon in possession of a handgun & driving on a suspended license. He is currently held in lieu of a $75,000 bond, and will likely face additional charges for violating his federal probation.

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