Antioch Caregiver Assaults Patient in Wheel-Chair with her Fist #Arrested

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Barbara Ann Walker, a care employee at an assisted living facility on Ocala Dr in Antioch, was arrested on Friday after she assaulted a patient in a wheelchair, and no one reported it to police until the next day when a supervisor reviewed it on security footage. The assisted living home is a Bethany Healthcare Facility.

MNPD was called to the scene and reviewed a pre-prepared copy of the security footage of the incident which occurred the day before (video only, no audio) which shows the patient in a wheel chair and one of his care staff, Barbara Walker (51), in what appears to be a verbal altercation. At one minute into the video, Mrs. Walker can be seen approaching the patient in his wheel-chair and striking him in the left side of his face with her right fist. She then walks away and the copy of the provided video feed ends.

Mrs. Walker did provide a written statement to police, which says that the patient “called her names and was uncooperative”. It further states that the patient caller her a

“nigger, a bitch, and a whore, while complaining about his meal”.

The patient (victim) spoke with police, and stated the he had gotten into a verbal altercation about the food he was served for dinner and stated he “said some things that he probably shouldn’t have said”, and admitted to calling her a “bitch” several times. He explained there was a a problem with his sandwich and the argument escalated quickly.

The victim states that Barbara Walker, part of the care staff, was antagonizing him back with statements such as:

“you can’t even piss by yourself”
“you don’t even have a penis”

He states that Mrs. Walker continued, saying that if he did not be quiet that she was going to come over and hit him. The argument continued, and at that point she approached him and struck him in the face with her fist, as observed on the video.

The patient would not specify what he said in reply other than calling her a “bitch and a few other things”. The supervisor at the facility states that the victim previously admitted to him that he did in fact call the care worker a “nigger” several times and knew that he should not have.

Barbara Walker was charged with Assault, and released on her own recognizance to her Oak Grove, KY address. She will appear in court on 06/15/2018.

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