Be glad your ex-girlfriend isn’t this crazy. Catlina Snoddy #Arrested

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Eric Lange broke up with his troubled girlfriend 3 months ago, and since then she has been calling and texting him, despite being told to stop contact. Late Sunday she went full blown psycho, broke into his home, and waited in his bed.

Eric wasn’t home yet, but late Sunday night he received an email from his ex-girlfriend, Catlina Taylor Snoddy, who is currently out on Community Corrections for killing a man. The email stated that she was in his house, waiting for him, in his bed. Eric contacted police, reporting a possible home break-in, and MNPD arrived just before 2AM Monday morning.

Officers arrived at the residence and checked the perimeter of the home and found a side window open, with Catlina’s driver’s license sitting on the window seal. Eric provided a key to the home, and officers entered. Catlina Snoddy was indeed located in Eric’s bedroom, lying in his bed.

She was read her rights, admitted that she broke into the residence, that she was not invited, that they had no current relationship, and that she was intoxicated. Snoddy was charged with aggravated criminal trespass and released on the pre-trial-release program. she will appear in court on 06/22/2018.

Catlina Snoddy previously killed a man in 2014, when she was driving drunk on the wrong side of the road and struck a man on a motorcycle. She took a reduced plea to Vehicular Homicide Intoxicated Driver. She was sentenced to 9 years in TDOC at 30%, and was given time served for the 8 months before trial, so she served 4 additional months behind bars and is currently doing the remainder of the time on Community Corrections Supervised Probation through 2025 for this incident, and this could be a violation of those terms.

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