Domenic Micheli previously brought Hatchet to Jewish Temple in Nashville

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Domenic Micheli, 36, is currently on the run from police after fatally attacking Joel Paavola, 46, who ran The Balance Training in Belle Meade early this morning with a hatchet. Paavola is reported to have fired Micheli approx 14 months ago.

If you see him, please call 911. Domenic was a personal trainer who used the gym at The Balance Training.

BOLO: Car he was driving this morning

A review of Micheli’s social media, shows that he had brought his hatchet to a Jewish temple previously, where he states on social media:

im going to a jewish temple
ill be wearing the red robe
i wont be armed
i have two small knives and a hatchet
in my car.
there were bloody hypodermic needles
put in my car at some point, im going
to make sure they are out of there
but id rather not have anyone go rooting
around in there without me being there.
this is not an insult to christianity,
especially this pope who has to be
the best pope and perhaps the best
christian leader ive seen yet.
im going to a jewish temple as im considering
that as ‘base’ for whats being discussed.
and i think ive complimented islam enough so
people know how much i love the muslims,
but i do love all of you very much.

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