Doogie Vance signs off Nashville Radio after dispute w/Cumulus over scheduling

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Michael Horbovetz, better known as ‘Doogie Vance‘ for the last couple of decades on the Nashville radio airwaves, has officially signed off. You have probably heard him doing traffic reports, being a part of the gang of 4 on WWTN mornings, or even filling in for some regulars when they need time off.

Doogie Vance announced on social media Friday morning that it’s his last day at Cumulus Nashville, which includes 99.7 WWTN, WSM-FM, and 92Q – and for the foreseeable future, all Nashville radio. He has been on-air in Nashville since 2000, with the exception of 2005/2006 when he temporarily¬†took his talents to Birmingham, Alabama. During some periods, he delivered over 70 unique traffic reports every morning, just between the hours of 5-9 AM across the network of stations.

Here’s the message Doogie Vance posted on social media:

I would like to thank everyone that has been a part of my radio career for the last 25 years or so…

…from everyone that gave me my opportunities to those that chose not to (so I developed a drive to prove them they made a mistake); my LONG list of co-workers, many of whom have become life-long friends; CERTIANLY the people that actually CHOSE to listen to me over the years…

and tell all of you that today is my last day at Cumulus Nashville, on WTN, WSM-fm, and 92q, and, for the forseeable future anyway, on the air.

This is FAR from a hasty decision. The fact of the matter is the schedule that I have been maintaining to do my job at Cumulus has worn me thin, both physically and mentally.

I have had COUNTLESS people ask me “how do you work your schedule? I hear you EARLY in the morning and you are on after 6 in the evening!” and the like for years. I used to be able to answer questions like that by saying “You can get used to any schedule,” or “I manage!”, but lately when I am asked my answers have been, “I don’t know how I keep doing it,” and “I can’t much longer.” In the last few weeks the answer to those questions has become “I can’t.”

I did approach the company here with an idea to “fix” my schedule, but my idea simply doesn’t mesh with the numbers and the positions here, and while they were very gracious, their offers to me to try to make things better don’t mesh with mine. I am leaving with ZERO animosity toward Cumulus or any of the powers that be here…though to say I am not disappointed things couldn’t work out would be a lie.

This is DEFINITELY the right decision for me. I don’t like to ever say *never* when it comes to the future, so to say this is a complete end to my time being able to talk with you on the air may be unfair…but for now, those days are done. I already have two new employment opportunities to help people I consider as close as family with their endeavors and I am VERY excited about both.

I can’t wait to start waking up *early* as most of the populus call it, and for a weekday where a nap isn’t a MUST just so I can stay awake through dinner.

Thank you again! Talk to you soon!

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