Fake firefighter falls through Chief’s ceiling in burglary attempt of Nashville Fire Dept

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Bradley Cozart, 27, was arrested early Wednesday morning after falling through the ceiling of the Chief’s office at the Nashville Fire Department, in an attempted burglary.

According to an arrest report, at around 5 AM Wednesday morning, Bradley Cozart observed inside an office at the Nashville Fire Department at 3800 Charlotte Avenue. Witness Ricky Clouse initially believed that the defendant was an NFD employee, as he was wearing an NFD shirt, but he and other NFD personnel eventually made contact with Cozart and detained him at the scene until police arrived, as he was not an employee.

It was discovered that the Cozart used a screwdriver to break into a parked Metro Public Works truck and removed bolt cutters and other tools and then used those tools to force entry into the fire Department offices. Cozart apparently fell through the ceiling into the chief’s office, causing damage to the ceiling. He then put on NFD-owned shirt and boots before being confronted by employees.

The tools used to force entry into the building were found inside the building, near the burglarized public works truck. There is believed to be video surveillance at the location, but it has not yet been viewed or retrieved. The defendant was brought to West Precinct for interview, and charged with burglary, burglary of a motor vehicle, along with an outstanding capias warrant, and three failure to be booked charges for state citations. He is held on a $27,500 bond this morning.

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