He “grabbed a handful of the child’s fecal matter and smeared it on the victim”

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At some point in this business, you think you’ve heard every possible combination of what can happen during a domestic assault, there’s a finite number of things you can do to another person, after all. Today we’re adding a new one to the list.

Kenneth Markise Turner is waking up the jail this morning, after he smeared fecal matter (‘shit’) from his child’s diaper and spread it on the victim, after choking her during a dispute.

Officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance at 5 PM on Wednesday in South Nashville. On arrival, officers spoke with the victim, who advised she and her child’s father (Kenneth Turner) got into a physical altercation. During the altercation, Turner grabbed the victim by the throat and choked her for between thirty seconds and one minute. She states she never lost consciousness, but was unable to breathe.

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Turner then grabbed a handful of their child’s fecal matter from a diaper and smeared it on the victim, and poured a pan of water on her. He then pushed her outside the house where she fell on the concrete. The victim’s Aunt came to the scene, and the victim got into her vehicle, however Turner followed her to the car and kicked the door causing a large dent in the vehicle.

The victim has visible signs of injury to her back and elbows, along with marks around her neck. Turner admitted to the physical altercation, the fecal matter, the water, and damaging the car door. He is currently held on a $5,000 bond for aggravated assault/strangulation & vandalism.

It is unclear if his hands were washed or sanitized before he was cuffed.

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