He “sprinkled cocaine over Officer Caulfield’s head” to destroy the evidence

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Antonio Lamont Freeman, 20, is waking up behind bars this morning after Metro police say he sprinkled cocaine on an MNPD officer’s head in an attempt to destroy evidence. He was also found with a pill bottle near his taint, behind his scrotum.

It all started at 11 PM on Friday night, when MNPD Officers Caulfield, Zullo, and Cowper were walking north on 3rd Ave South, and observed Antonio ‘Toni’ Freeman rolling a blunt (or, a “green leafy substance that had similar characteristics of marijuana”, as the MNPD reported it). As they approached, Freeman was asked what he had in his hand as he attempted to hide it from officers.

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Freeman put the rolling papers and marijuana in his left pocket, and in front of all three officers, removed a clear plastic bag full of cocaine from the same left pocket. He quickly crushed the bag in his hand, and sprinkled the cocaine over Officer Ryan Caulfield’s head and into the air.

The officers were able to retrieve about 2.5 grams of the cocaine, despite Freeman’s attempts to destroy it. In a search incident to arrest, they found a black scale in his left front pocket, as well as a pill bottle with marijuana residue behind Freeman’s scrotum.

Toni Freeman is charged with tampering with evidence, possession of cocaine with intent, and drug paraphernalia. He is currently held on a $5,000 bond.

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