Lee Beaman is wearing a bodycam 24/7 during his multi-million dollar divorce, while paying his wife 12K/month

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If you’ve been in the Nashville area for any length of time, you’ve heard of Beaman Automotive, and it’s owner, Lee Beaman, who also recently was involved with the no-tax-for-trax transit debate. What you may not know is that he’s in the middle of a nasty multi-million dollar divorce, and he’s been wearing a body-mounted camera 24/7 when in his own home for the past few months, as we found in some recent court filings. The multi-million dollar prenup is also posted below, with it’s conditions – which his wife disputes in it’s entirety.

The divorce is a hot-mess in which Kelley Beaman, who was half his age when they married (25 & 50), was accustomed to spending an average of $34,000 a month on herself, and an additional $30,000 a month on ‘household expenses’, as shown in a filing below. She has been cut to $12,000 per month during the divorce, despite a pre-nup that will either leave her with a few million and a new $1mil house if it goes the husband’s way, or tens of millions of his fortune if it goes her way.

The couple have been married since 2001, and just over 14 months ago, Lee Bean filed for divorce from his much younger wife. Since then, the parties have continued to reside in the marital residence, and his wife placed a deadbolt on her bedroom door for her safety, as she stated she was afraid of her husband, and made allegations of abuse.

In response to the deadbolt being placed on the door, Lee Beaman placed networked security cameras in the house, including facing her bedroom door, which the judge made him remove.

In response, Lee Beaman strapped on a bodycam, set it to record, and has worn it 24/7 when at home or in the presence of his wife. She filed a motion for relief in April of 2018, to have him remove the camera from his body, but the court did not grant the motion.

In response to the camera, at breakfast one morning, his wife was giving the blessing, and prayed “teach my son to be kind, despite the example he is getting”

Lee Beaman found this offensive and believed it to be a derogatory comment directed at him, so he then went to court and filed a motion that the wife be enjoined from making derogatory statements about him in front of the minor child.

When the prenuptial agreement was signed in 2001, Kelley who was 25 years old had a net worth of less than $15,000, while Lee Beaman, 50 years old and on his 4th marriage, had a net worth of $40 million, with an additional $9 million gift from his mother shortly thereafter. And that financial report notes that several holdings were left out of the totals, for various reasons, and is believed to be grossly under-estimated, as even the accounting firm making the report did not certify the accuracy of his statement.

So, what’s in this per-nuptial agreement? At current value, our best estimate is she would receive $16,667 per month for the 186 months they were married, and each of those years would increase by 3% over the previous year. This would be paid out in a $1,000,000 cash payment immediately, with the remaining millions paid out in an annual annuity for the remainder of her life. In addition, as they were married more than a decade, he shall also provider her with an additional $1,000,000 to be used exclusively for the purchase of a house. She is currently getting $12,000 per month in support during the divorce:          
We’ve been watching these proceedings over the past year, and the filings are a better read than many daytime soap operas. We will post future updates as the divorce progresses.

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