Lesbian Lover Arrested: That’s not where Laffy Taffy goes.

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On Saturday night, MNPD responded to a domestic disturbance between two women that are in a dating relationship on Joseph ave. The victim stated her girlfriend, Sharmaine Shanique Smith, attacked her, struck her in the face, bit her face, bit her hands, and shoved Laffy Taffy in her gas tank, in an attempt to damage her car.

Sharmaine Smith was arrested for domestic assault, along with various other charges after police say she was waiting on her girlfriend to return to the address to get her personal belongings, when she attacked her. The victim sustained injuries to her cheeks and hands.

Smith was also found to have 3 outstanding warrants for which she was also charged.

One of the previous warrants was for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against the same victim/girlfriend, from a May 16th incident in which Sharmaine tackled the victim to the ground, bit her on the hand, punched her in the eye, scratched her nick, then grabbed a pocket knife and began lunging at the victim trying to stab her – all because the victim was trying to end their relationship.

Another of her open warrants was from a May 25th assault incident when she attacked a different female because “some juveniles told her that the victim was trash talking her, behind her back”.

Sharmaine Smith was booked on charges of assault, domestic assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and two counts of vandalism. She posted a $10,000 bond via Slater Bonding, and has multiple upcoming court dates.


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