Local ‘Businessman’ Arrested for Threatening to Release Nude Photos & Videos of His Ex

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Jeffrey Todd Padgett, 50, was arrested on Thursday for violating an order of protection and threatening to post nude photos and videos of his ex-girlfriend online.

Padgett, who recently made news for running what he says is hisĀ company, called ‘Icon Crystals – Sports Awards‘ – which he states in TV interviews is located in Bellevue – however there is no business registered with Metro or the state that’s legally operating under that name, his name, or anything similar. In fact, the last business we found him to be operating was a cash landscaping business several years ago.

According to police, the victim has recently ended her relationship with Padgett. Since that time, Jeffrey Padgett has made continuous threats to post nude/sexual photos and videos of the victim online to social media. The victim feels this is an attempt to hurt her.

Officers were provided with text messages where Padgett stated he would indeed post the photos in an attempt to hurt the victim, as well as an audio recording where Padgett said he would post both photos and videos as a retaliation tool against the victim, his ex-girlfriend.

The victim, who is a personal trainer & fitness coach stated her well-being is suffering, and she has anxiety and trouble sleeping in fear that the photos and videos may cause her to lose work.

Jeffrey Todd Padgett was taken into custody just after 1 AM Thursday morning, and charged with harassment/distress and violation of an order of protection. He posted a $2,000 bond via Grumpy’s Bail Bonds, and was released to his Sutton Hill Road address.

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