Local Rapper ‘MZG’ Arrested Stripping Copper, $15K+ in damage & Drug Related Charges

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Local rapper Melvin Zach Gurley, better known as ‘MZG‘ was arrested in Nashville on Monday after he was caught with three others stripping copper wire from a new residential construction site, causing over $15,000 in damage. He is charged with 2 felonies and 4 misdemeanors on theft, vandalism, & heroin related charges (and free on pre-trail release)

Gurley is best known for his collaboration with Ryan Upchurch, including the ‘Creeker Anthem’ & ‘Heavy Metal’ – the two combined have nearly a half-million views on MZG’s YouTube channel.  The two grew up on the same road together in Cheatham County. MZG has also released one music video ‘The Way It Is’.

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MNPD was dispatched just south of downtown to Moore Ave Monday afternoon in response to a report of an active theft from a residential new construction site that was being recorded on security video. Upon arrival, officers located several individuals that had been stripping copper wire with conduit from the location, as viewed on the video. The contractor arrived on site and claimed ownership of the copper wire that had sustained heavy damage due to being stripped, and provided security video to the police which showed all four individuals actively stripping the wire for copper.

Gurley and the 3 co-defendants had loaded a portion of the copper into the trunk of a 2001 Corolla upon police arrival. When questioned, Gurley stated that his uncle (a co-defendant) had picked him up earlier in the afternoon and asked him if he wanted to make some money, and was aware there was stolen materials in the vehicle. The builders and company owners responded to the site, and estimated the cost of the vandalism and repairs to be in excess of $15,000.

ARRESTED: MZG & Breanna Novak

A search of the vehicle that they all arrived in resulted in 8 needles, 5 spoons (some with drug residue), 1 vial of Naloxone (NARCAN) & a remaining .5 grams of heroin. Copper wiring was observed near the vehicle on the ground and inside the trunk. Several burglary tools were also located within the vehicle used to commit the offense.

In total there were four arrests: Melvin Gurley, 25, and his girlfriend Breanna Novak, 29, both of Ashland City TN; along with Raymond Shyloski, 37, and Steven Lewis, 49, both of Nashville.

MZG / Melvin Gurley

Gurley is charged with drug possession, felony vandalism, felony theft, criminal trespass, possession of burglary tools, and drug paraphanelia charges. The other 3 all face similar related charges.

Melvin Gurley & his girlfriend, Breanna Novak were both given pre-trial release, while Lewis is held on $20,000 bond & Shyloski is held on a $15,250 bond.

Raymond Shyloski

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