Man allegedly high on opiates plows through MTA Stop, Injures 2

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Late Wednesday evening, MNPD responded to an incident where Brandon Mundy, 23, drove through an MTA bust stop, striking one pedestrian with this vehicle, and running over the feet of another. According to Skyline Hospital, the victim struck by the defendant suffered serious injuries and may possibly lose his leg.

This all happened at 3046 Dickerson Pike, and was observed by the DCSO Mobile Booking Unit, who was operating at the location. Deputies stated that a white male wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts was driving the vehicle, and he walked away from the scene. MNPD located the suspect, identified as Brandon Eugene Mundy, walking behind the Mapco.

Photo: Google Maps Location of MTA Stop

Mundy advised that he had been in the accident, and claimed he was “trying to get help”. He was taken into custody, and officers noted his eyes were extremely constricted, so SFSTs were performed, on which he showed several factors. Once mirandized, Mundy admitted that he is addicted to opiates and he attends classes for his addiction. There was also a minor child in the vehicle with him at the time of the incident.

Brandon Mundy is currently charged with having no insurance, vehicular assault, child neglect, leaving the scene of an accident, driving on a revoked license, and failure to file report. His bond is currently $40,000.

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