Man Arrested Driving Bird Scooter on Ellington Parkway w/12 Pack of Budweiser

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Nashville Police arrested Michael C Robinson on Wednesday just before 8PM, after they found him cruising up Ellington Parkway on a Bird scooter, complete with a 12-pack of beer on the back. According to several witnesses he was riding in multiple lanes, with his collar popped.

According to MNPD, Michael Robinson, 25, was observed operation a Bird scooter on a closed access highway (Ellington Parkway). He was observed going north near Spring Street in the middle lane and weaving between other lanes on the Parkway.

Robinson was stopped and police immediately detected an odor of alcohol about his person, along with a 12 pack of Budweiser on the back of the Bird scooter. Due to all factors, he was arrested for public intox and allowed to sleep it off in jail, where he was released on Thursday morning.

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