Man Breaks into Neighbor’s Home, Says He’s Being Held Hostage, Force-fed Drugs

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Wayne Moyher‘s girlfriend states that she and Wayne were at home on Friday afternoon, and while she was watching TV, he suddenly ran and jumped out of the front window of their house.

According to lengthy police report, Moyher then ran to a home about 1/10 of a mile away just before 4:30 PM, and used a flower pot and his bare hands to force entry into the upper rear door of the victim’s residence. Once inside the home, and wearing only his underwear, he told the victim who resided there that someone was shooting at him. In addition he stated that he and his girlfriend were being held hostage by multiple males inside their residence, just up the road.

MNPD responded to the call, which was coded as a residential burglary, and found Wayne Moyher inside the victim’s residence near a broken back door. Officers report Moyher was covered in sweat and appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. His condition was reported as naked, except for underwear, and a cut on his right hand.

Moyher initially told MNPD that he was being held hostage at his home by multiple unknown males who forced him to do drugs. He stated that he escaped his house and forced entry into the victim’s house for his own protection from the hostage takers. Later on, he would also tell police that he fled his home and broke into the victim’s residence because his girlfriend told him someone was in their house attempting to shoot them and hold them hostage.

Police interviewed Moyher’s girlfriend, who stated that Moyher has been using several drugs and that she has found portions of the drugs in recent days and flushed them down the toilet. She identified the drugs as heroin, methamphetamine, Melatonin, & Suboxone.

Moyher was treated at Skyline, then taken into custody upon release. He was charged with aggravated criminal trespass and vandalism for the damage to the property. He did admit to relapsing and using methamphetamine before the incident. He is currently held on a $2,000 bond.

This was Moyher’s first Nashville arrest, however he is on probation in Carter County for shoplifting, which earned him probation, which he violated, and a condition of was a drug treatment program – which he happens to have a court date for on Monday, that has been scheduled for months, in Carter County.

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