Man freed on Pre-Trial Release Twice in 1 Week on back to back DUI Charges & Overdose Behind The Wheel

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61-year-old William Tweedy was arrested Sunday afternoon and charged with DUI after officers were dispatched to a wreck with injuries, where medics had to administer Narcan to Tweedy upon arrival to counteract the effects of the drugs in his system.

A witness said he had been following the car from Briley Parkway near Hwy 12, and was afraid someone was going to get killed due to his state. Officers report that upon arrival, Tweedy was very lethargic and pupils pinpoint before the Narcan was adminstered. He immediately responded to the Narcan, and hydrocodone was among the drugs found in his vehicle. He was transported to Vanderbilt then booked into custody of the DCSO, charged with DUI, and was sent home on the pre-trial-release program.

As it turns out, Tweedy was ALREADY out on the pre-trial release program, after being charged with DUI & fleeing the scene 7 days prior when he crashed a vehicle at Briley & Vultee, toppling a light pole then fleeing the scene before he was eventually arrested in Madison at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Found in the vehicle during that crash was Hydrocodone, Gabapentin, and Meloxicam.

Tweedy was released without bond on both occasions, on the pre-trial release program, 7 days apart for the same charge. No additional charges have been filed for violating the conditions of his PTR, instead he qualified for it again.

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