Man Huffing ‘Endust’ arrested for 3rd DUI says “I deserve the punishment I get”.

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MNPD was dispatched to Whites Creek Pike for a property damage accident late Saturday afternoon. The caller reported that the driver, Ryan Criss, appeared to be very intoxicated and was trying to leave the scene, but was unable to do so as his vehicle was stuck.

Officers found driver Ryan M Criss with a can of ‘Endust’ up close to his face in the driver’s side of the vehicle, which was cold to the touch. Criss admitted he had been ‘huffing’ for the past several hours, and stated that was ‘probably’ the reason he lost control of his vehicle.

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Two cans of Endust were located in the vehicle, including the cold one that Criss was holding, indicating recent use. Criss was able to perform SFST without issue or indication of impairment, however Criss stated “I deserve the punishment I get”.

Ryan Criss was charged with DUI-3RD, and remains in jail this morning on a $7,500 bond. He has a bond review hearing later today.

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