Man says he drank “12 beers & 12 shots” at Nashville Bar before his DUI Rampage – blows .258

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On Friday night, John ‘Tommy’ Strickland, 49, was at TNT’s Billiards Bar & Grill in Antioch, where he says he drank approximately “12 beers and 12 shots of alcohol” over the course of his evening there.

Of note, this is the same bar that is currently being sued in connection with the death of a woman killed in an alleged drunk-driving crash in November, where the driver also was nearly 3x the legal limit, and had been drinking at TNT’s. The bar was also sued In 2013, when there was another fatal crash involving someone leaving the bar, a case which ended in a settlement.

When it was time to go home Friday night, Strickland got into his vehicle, and according to a police report, crashed into an empty vehicle in the parking lot. A witness followed him from the bar and called police due to his apparent state of intoxication.

He began driving towards his Barlow Drive address, while followed by the eye-witness, and once close to his home he struck an NES pole and then his landlord’s fence at the residence. Police arrived and located him at his residence, and requested he complete SFST’s, some of which he was unable to complete due to his level of intoxication, others he performed “very poorly” on.

Strickland agreed to a breath test, and blew a .253 & a .258, after which he was taken into custody. He “voluntary, intelligently, and knowingly waived his rights” and spoke with police, where he admitted he had “too much to drink”, that he “should not have been drinking and driving”, along with multiple other “incriminating statements that implied his guilt in operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol”.

He was charged with DUI 2nd, Failure to report upon striking unattended vehicle, failure to comply/notice of accident, and leaving the scene of an accident. He was released on the pre-trial release program, and will have court on 06/29/18.

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