Nashville inmate escapes jail via roof, makes it to outer gate before she’s apprehended

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Marisa Crist, who has been in custody of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department since her June 7th arrest for theft & trespassing, now has a new charge – attempted escape. In this case, ‘attempted’ is seemingly a technically, as she actually escaped the building in a crazy series of events and made it to the outside gate, inches from freedom.

On Tuesday, June 12, guards observed Marisa Crist appear at the outside gate to the Davidson County Detention Facility, and immediately restrained her. After reviewing the video security footage, Crist was observed in the recreational area, where she hoisted herself upon a security camera and scaled the wall of the building, reaching the roof. Once on the roof, she found a loose cable and used it to slide herself down to the other side of the building.

Crist then broke a gate in order to slip through it, and made her way to the outside gate, where she was then apprehended, and returned inside the facility. Crist admitted that she was a heroin addict, and was “leaving to get more heroin”.

Booking photo was on file from a previous arrest.

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