Nashville Lady vs. Tow Truck Driver – “I’ll shoot your ass, m— f—“

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Monday was just another evening for Joslynn Dixon, until she discovered her vehicle was about to be towed for being parked illegally. According to police, she immediately became belligerent and irate, and began cursing and swearing at the tow-truck driver.

An officer suggested to her that if she would calm down and stop swearing, then perhaps  she and the tow-truck driver could work something out, but she was having absolutely none of that. According to a police report, she then became even more irate and screamed, cursed, and swore even louder, and culminated by threatening the driver when she screamed:

“I’ll shoot your ass, mother fucker!”

As you would imagine, the dialogue abruptly ended and the driver advised her she could retrieve her vehicle at the tow lot. As much as the driver was looking forward to pulling away, he wasn’t going to be quite that simple. Joslynn Dixon went to the cab of the tow truck, opened the door, and removed the keys from the ignition, clutching them in her hands. She then started to yell, scream, and curse again, screaming:


MNPD ordered her to stop yelling and return the keys or she would be arrested, to which she replied back to the officer:


Eventually Officers Crissman & Pleese began to initiate the arrest, and Dixon began to pull away and resist, refusing to place her hands behind her back. She was eventually placed into cuffs and escorted to the patrol car, while resisting the entire way. She refused to get in the patrol car, kicking the rear quarter panel, but was assisted with her entry into the car by officers.

Dixon was charged with disorderly conduct & resisting arrest, and released on the pre-trial release program. She will appear in court on 06/29/18.

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