Ronique Shelton: “I don’t know how 54 grams of meth & 87 Oxy’s got into my apartment”

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Ronique Mechelle Shelton claims she has no idea where 54 grams of crystal meth or 87.5 oxycodone pills came from, or how they got into her apartment… could she be telling the truth?

Early Thursday morning, Tyrone Taylor says he was chased from a Yelton Ct apartment in South Nashville. He was in fear, and ran to the first person’s car that he located, and asked the stranger to take him to the Walmart on Nolensville Pk, which is where officers found him. After taking his information, there was an NCIC hit for him out of Kentucky for multiple felony warrants including bail jumping, and trafficking meth. He was taken into custody as a felon fugitive.

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Officers then went to the residence that he states he was chased from on Yelton Ct, where Ronique Shelton resides. A knock and talk was conducted to check on her welfare, due to the prior call, and Ronique Shelton, consented to a search of her apartment. During that search a bag containing two smaller bags was located on the couch near the door. One of the smaller bags contained a white crystalline substance that field tested positive for meth. The bag was weighed at DCSO Booking at 54.4 grams. Another of the smaller bags contained 87.5 blue pills that were identified as oxycodone based on their markings. Shelton stated that she does not know where the drugs came from or how they got into her apartment.

Ronique Shelton was charged with Possession w/Intent (SCH II), & Possession w/Intent (METH), and given a $10,000 Bond, which she posted via 1st Stop Bonding.

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