Texas de Brazil detains customer who can’t pay, has him arrested. #ItsJustFood

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Keith Perdue was eating dinner at Texas de Brazil in West End Tuesday evening, when he was unable to pay his dinner tab of $59.40. According to MNPD, Perdue tried to walk out of the restaurant, but restaurant staff restricted him from leaving by physically blocking his exit from the location, detaining him. That’s when restaurant manager Edyta Rdzanek called the police.

Manager: Edyta Rdzanek

The manger of Texas de Brazil was adamant that Perdue be arrested and stated she wanted to prosecute him for theft of services and public intoxication. Of course, the cops told her she couldn’t press charges for public intox, which further infuriated the irate manger, according to a staff member that spoke to Scoop: Nashville.

Officers located Keith Perdue in the restroom of Texas de Brazil, and talked to him. Perdue stated that he was waiting on a friend. Since the manager wanted to prosecute for the theft, Perdue was taken into custody. A search revealed no cash or credit/debit cards on Perdue, which gave the officer probable case that he entered the restaurant with no intention of paying for his tab.

Arrested: Keith Perdue

Perdue was charged with theft of services, a private prosecution by Edyta Rdzanek, the manager, and released on the pre-trial program, appearing in court on 07/02/2018.

We reached out to Texas de Brazil for comment, but they had not responded at the time of publication. There is no word on how much food the restaurant wasted at the end of the night.

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