They broke up; He allegedly assaulted her; Then she got extra petty.

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After he was already in cuffs for a domestic violence charge, she decided to tell the cops about his stash of THC Oil in their shared office space at their residence, giving him a felony charge over some THC oil. Now, that’s petty.

Early Tuesday morning, Doran McNare Brown‘s ex-girlfriend reported an incident of domestic violence to police. The report states:

“The defendant (Doran) and I broke up our relationship a few days ago. Today the defendant took my phone from me and told me to open (unlock) it. I told the defendant to give the phone back. The defendant refused and demanded that I open the phone. I told him that we are no longer dating and I do not have to.

That is when the defendant grabbed me by the arm and started to pull me toward him. The defendant kept trying to get into the phone by using my fingerprint forcefully. During the struggle he kept pushing me. I then grabbed my car keys and left the house. This is not the first time the defendant has threatened the victim. Victim was assisted with an order of protection.”

Upon this statement, an arrest warrant was signed for domestic assault at 10:42 AM Tuesday. Doran Brown was taken into custody at their shared residence just after 12:30 PM that same afternoon. According to an affidavit, after he was in custody, his ex-girlfriend told the patrol officers that Doran had “multiple vials of THC in the shared office”.

The patrol officers contacted South Crime Suppression Detectives who responded to the shared home. The ex-girlfriend told detectives that her ex boyfriend had just been arrested for domestic assault, and he possessed THC oil in their shared office space in the home. She then signed a search consent form, and detectives found an open plastic box with 38 vials of THC oil inside. They measured the entire volume of the bottles, and charged him with felony possession with intent, as the total weight was 570 grams of liquid. They also found a grinder and pipe with residue on them, so he was also charged with paraphernalia.

Doran Brown is now charged with domestic assault (MISD), possession (MISD), and possession with intent SCH VI (FELONY). After serving the required 12 hour hold, he posted a $5,000 bond via Free At Last. He will appear in court on 06/12/2108.

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