TNT Billiards Bar & Grill: new lawsuit claims over-serving; responsible for another death

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In a new lawsuit filed on June 18th, TNT Billiards Bar & Grill (TNT Concepts, LLC), is being sued for allegedly over-serving a customer, which would eventually lead to the death of another person by way of an automobile crash after being forced to leave the bar.

The lawsuit alleges:

  • Trena Goshtasbi & Merrick Hanse were at TNT Billiards Bar & Grill on November 2/3rd 2017
  • Merrick Hanse was sold and served large quantities of alcoholic beverages even though she was obviously and visibly intoxicated
  • At some point in the evening, Hanse & Goshtasbi were forced to leave the premises by bar staff, due to visible and obvious intoxication
  • Goshtasbi & Hanse left in a Nissan Pathfinder, owned and driven by Hanse. At 2:28 AM the Pathfinder crashed on Burkitt Rd, and the passenger, Trena Goshtasbi, was ejected out of the vehicle and killed in the crash.

The lawsuit does note that this is not the first claim that TNT’s over-served a customer and allowed them to drive away, which later resulted in another person’s death. The suit is filed against the LLC and also it’s sole member manager, Timothy Olson, personally – as the suit alleges the LLC is simply a shell company to insulate Olson from personal liability.

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We also just covered another customer who had a pretty adventurous DUI after leaving TNT’s drunk, after he says he was served 12 shots and 12 beers before leaving.


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