Too drunk for Play Dance Bar? The #Pride2018 Edition

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Can you imagine the amount of intoxication it requires to be removed from the city’s most prominent LGBT dance club on Pride weekend? Jonathan Stewart Blahut doesn’t have to imagine. He was arrested in the pre-daylight hours of Saturday morning after Play Dance Bar attempted to kick him out of the club multiple times, rather unsuccessfully, and he ended up assaulting a security guard.

Friday night Play Dance Bar was packed with Pride 2018 celebrators, and that included Blahut. Throughout the night, both security staff and management asked him to leave the club multiple times. In one occurrence, security asked him to leave and Blahut started poking the security guard in the chest, while yelling and cursing that he could not make him leave – and at least for the moment, he called their bluff.

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Eventually, security called in management for assistance and Blahut was advised that if he he did not leave he would be arrested for trespassing, at which time Blahut continued to yell at them and refused to leave, and he walked to the other side of the club, and was once again asked to leave.

Per the report, Blahut then placed his hand in the security officer’s face and shoved his head back, and ripped the pocket off the security guard’s shirt when he was being placed into custody. Officers report he had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person, slurred speech, blood shot and watery eyes, and was unsteady on his feet. There is video footage of the incident, retained by the club.

Photo: stewblahut2685 (IG)

Jonathan Stewart Blahut was charged with assault, public intox, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespass. He was released on the pre-trial-release program, and will appear in court on 07/13/18. Happy Pride.

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