Whitney Warren re: MNPD: “I made that officer do his job, I boxed his little ass” – and she did!

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Earlier this week, a stolen 2006 Ford Escape was spotted near W Trinity Lane / Brick Church Pike, and was followed to Baptist World Center / W Trinity Lane and officers recognized the driver as Whitney Warren. A traffic stop was attempted, but the driver refused to stop, and fled at a high rate of speed on Trinity Lane.

On Thursday, Officer Juan Marcos Gonzalez was patrolling near 2905 Dickerson Pk when he noticed Whitney Warren standing outside of an apartment. He approached her, and she gave him a false name of ‘Destiny Alexander’ with a fake social social security number. Once he was back in his patrol vehicle, attempting to verify her information, he identified her as a female that had five outstanding arrest warrants, including the one for the vehicle theft.

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When Officer Gonzalez re-approached Whitney Warren, she attempted to run away, and when he gave her commands to stop, she did not. Gonzalez was able to catch up with the suspect, and attempted to grab her arm, however Warren turned toward Officer Gonzalez and began to beat him in the head multiple times with her closed fists. The officer began to fight the suspect, and eventually deployed his taser in an attempt to end the fight and get Warren into custody.

During the fight, Warren grabbed for Officer Gonzalez’s gun multiple times, and screamed:

“Give me that gun, bitch!”

Once backup arrived, they could see part of his holster retention device was down from the struggle, indicating someone had tried to pull it out of the holster. Eventually, she was placed into handcuffs by Gonzalez. Once placed into custody, she passed out, and the report states she was nearly unconscious. NFD administered Narcan to her, and revived her. She admitted to officers that she swallowed heroin as soon as the officer started re-approaching her.

Officer Gonzalez suffered a cut on the top of his head, and a busted lip due to the incident, and was treated at the scene, while Warren suffered an injury to her knee and was transported to General Hospital for treatment.

Whitney Warren made a statement while in the hospital, saying:

“I made that officer do his job, I boxed his little ass”

While she was at the hospital, .5 grams of heroin was found by hospital staff in her naval.

Whitney Warren is currently held without bail, here are her current charges: capias, felony probation violation, theft of vehicle, evading arrest/motor vehicle, revoked license, aggravated assault on officer w/deadly weapon, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest x2, criminal impersonation, and drug possession.

As a side note, perhaps Officer Juan Marcos Gonzalez, who is paid $50,000 per year by metro, should have placed some money on that fight, as he just received a payroll/wage garnishment last month from Advance Financial for $5,668, that the court says he owes to them on a defaulted loan.




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