16-year-old arrested after firing shots at MNPD Officer (VIDEO)

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MNPD Criminal Investigations Division detectives this afternoon arrested a 16-year-old for firing gunshots just as a Metro police car passed him on Glenrose Avenue at Glenmont Drive Monday night. Neither South Precinct Officer Madison Meiss nor the police car was hit.  Officer Meiss was in the area working to recover a stolen Cadillac Escalade, from which the 16-year-old emerged a short time before firing the shots. All of this was recorded by a citizen’s home surveillance system.  The 16-year-old admits to being in the Cadillac and firing the shots.

Late Monday night, OnStar reported that it was tracking the stolen 2016 Escalade in the area of Hamilton Church Road and Hobson Pike.  An MNPD helicopter flew into the area and tracked the SUV as ground officers headed toward it.  Officer Meiss was near the intersection of Glenrose Avenue and Glenmont Drive when she spotted the Escalade.  Unknown to her at the time was that the 16-year-old, who was standing at the intersection, had gotten out of the backseat of the Escalade moments earlier and was armed.  Officer Meiss initially believed the gunfire she heard had come from the vehicle.

The helicopter continued to follow the stolen Cadillac, which was ultimately abandoned at Zermatt Avenue and Steffisburg Drive.  An MNPD canine team attempted to track those who bailed from it.  They came across a 15-year-old girl, who was taken into custody and would not answer any questions.  Officers located a pistol and 106 grams of marijuana inside a barbeque grill near where she was located.  The 15-year-old was charged with possessing the gun and the marijuana.

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As part of the continuing investigation this afternoon in the area of Glenrose Avenue and Glenmont Drive, detectives developed information indicating the 16-year-old might have been involved in the gunfire.  They located him at his girlfriend’s residence on Glenmont Drive.  On the back porch was a nine millimeter pistol with a laser sight and an extended 30-round magazine (which was reported stolen from a Sumner County vehicle burglary), as well as numerous vehicle keys and key fobs.  Based on information provided by the 16-year-old, Auto Theft detectives this afternoon recovered four stolen vehicles that had been abandoned at Maple Creek Apartments on Glenrose Avenue.

The 16-year-old continues to be under investigation concerning other crimes in Nashville and Sumner County.  Among his charges at Juvenile Court today will be aggravated assault against Officer Meiss.

Anyone with information on the other persons inside the Escalade, who bailed at Zermatt Avenue and Steffisburg Drive, is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

The last 30 seconds of the video show the shots being fired.

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