19-year-old Arrested in String of Downtown Nashville YMCA Thefts

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Marcel Winters, 19, is waking up behind bars this morning, after being arrested Tuesday for outstanding warrants for a string of thefts at the Downtown YMCA, located at 1000 Church Street. He was just convicted of felony robbery 21 days ago, and was sentenced to 4 years at CCA, but the judge suspended it in full, giving him 4 years community corrections probation instead. All his new charges occurred since his sentencing three weeks ago.

Winters was a suspect in several thefts from the YMCA locker room over the past few days, and was noticed in the locker room again on Tuesday, when police were notified of his presence. As officers approached the locker room, Winters was making his way through the double doors to leave the building, where he was stopped and arrested on his previous outstanding warrants for thefts from the locker room.

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Upon search incident to arrest, one of the victims noticed officers pulling his items from the defendant’s duffle bag, and they were returned to him.

The thefts he is charged with include an Under Armor bag ($60), an iPhone 6S ($300), Nike Shoes ($60), Polo pants ($50), Polo shirt ($50), and a leather belt ($30), which were all stolen on July 12th, and the incident was caught on security cameras.

On July 16th, he is also accused of stealing an Element backpack ($60), which contained Element sunglasses ($60), $300 cash, wallet, ID, credit cards, UFC boxing gloves ($40), workout gloves ($30), bands ($20), and a $40 remote for an electric skateboard.

Winters is charged with 3 counts of theft of property, and remains in jail on a $4500 bond this morning. He has a list of 15 prior charges, most of which were dismissed, but does include one conviction for felony robbery, for which he was just convicted three weeks ago on June 28th. He received a 4 year sentence at CCA, all suspended with 4 years of community corrections probation.

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