2nd Ex-Employee of The Dog Spot Describes Conditions for Dogs in Affidavit

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In a previously unreleased sworn affidavit, a second employee of The Dog Spot has come forward with details of conditions of at one Nashville’s most controversial doggy day care centers. This employee was at the West Nashville location, and worked there during the summer of 2017. The affidavit was sworn to and prepared for a court case involving The Dog Spot suing people that had discussed the business on social media – a suit that has since been dismissed.

After leaving employment at The Dog Spot in West Nashville, this employee left a Google review (since removed by the business) describing “unsafe conditions”. Once they left, in an attempt to get their paycheck, they were told to see Chad Baker in East Nashville for a ‘routine exit interview’ and to pick it up. During this ‘exit interview’, the employee says that Chad Baker presented a printed copy of the Google review, and told the employee they would be sued.

The review included weight estimates of dogs that were placed together, such as “130-pound dogs had been placed with 15-pound dogs”, and according to the affidavit, Chad Baker threatened to sue since the employee was unable to prove exact weights. (something discovery in a lawsuit could likely have produced).

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A specific dog that was referred to in a review was a fully grown Bernese Mountain dog named Samson. According to the AKC, the average weight of such a dog is 84-110 pounds. Samson had already gotten into two previous fights, yet he was in the yard with dogs a fraction of his size, including a golden retriever puppy names Kona, a miniature put bull name Buffy, and multiple miniature Australian Shepherds.

The employee also states the the kennels aren’t spaced out, just in rows, side by side, and the arrangement allowed for dogs to fight through the cages with each other.

While this sworn affidavit doesn’t rise to the level of the first employee’s, which detailed physical abuse, it does speak to the same standards and processes being followed across locations.

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