3rd Former Employee Speaks out: The Dog Spot (East Nashville)

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Since the death of Lucy after visiting Spot’s Pet Supply for grooming last weekend, we have published affidavits of former employees of The Dog Spot, which is also owned by Andy & Chad Baker. Previous employees have described cramped conditions and more at the West Nashville location, and physical abuse of dogs under the care of The Dog Spot, citing instances of dogs being hit and kicked inside the Mt. Juliet branch of the business..

Now, a 3rd employee has come forward, exclusively to Scoop Nashville, to tell her story about working at the East Nashville location of The Dog Spot for five months in 2015.

She recalls that during the five months of working there, there were multiple incidents with dogs and their safety. One of the first that stood out was from a dog that was in a kennel with a broken area of the cage, causing a larger hole, allowing the dog to get his head stuck in the cage. After a period of time, he was eventually freed with wire cutters, and the hole patched with simple cardboard, with bare metal parts of the cut cage sticking out, making it easy for dogs or employees to injure themselves.

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The Dog Spot: East Nashville

The former employee details incidents of dogs attacking other dogs at the East Nashville location, but says that Chad Baker was “chummy” with some of the owners, so nothing was done about them, and they were not banned.

And then there’s the day she says her car ended up covered in dog blood. She says this was her breaking point in working there. According to her, a known aggressive dog attacked another dog, and anther employee was bitten multiple times while trying to break up the dog fight. She was instructed to drive the injured dog to Value Vet in her personal vehicle. Afterwards, she describes her car as “covered in blood”. Later, when she asked Chad Baker about getting her personal vehicle cleaned, she says he told her he had “a lot worse things to deal with than worrying about her fucking car”.

When she eventually put in her two-week notice, her resignation was accepted on the spot, which isn’t uncommon for some employers, however when she never received a W-2 for the 5 months she worked for the Baker twins, she contacted Chad, who she says told her was her problem, and not his.

Curious as to how she came to work at The Dog Spot at all, she told me about how she got hired on. She initially responded to a Craigslist posting about an opening at the East Nashville location. She was working at her previous job, and didn’t get off work until 2 AM. During that shift she says Chad replied to her email inquiry and asked her to text his cell phone about the job. While she found this a bit odd, she expected a professional communication about a job, no matter the medium – email, phone, or text.

She says that Chad Baker texted her to come in immediately for an interview, and when she replied she worked until 2 AM, he told her to come immediately after work, and to meet him at the Hermitage Cafe shortly after 2 AM, and he’d buy her a grilled cheese. She was immediately “weirded out” & told him that her best friend had driven her to work, so that wouldn’t work. She says Chad then told her to bring her friend too, until she told him the best friend was a guy – at which point he offered to send a Lyft to pick her up, and take her home, afterwards.

At this point, it was clear these were not things in a normal job interview, and she was “incredibly angry” in her own words, as she was just trying to find a better job, and not be “treated like a tinder date”. She let him know that she was no longer interested in the job. Early the following morning, she says Chad Baker texted her to apologize, and say that his office manager tells him often that he’s too friendly with his employees. He set up an interview for her with his office manager later that day, and she got the job at The Dog Spot East Nashville.


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