AirBNB Guests Arrested for Stealing Neighbor’s Eggo Waffles & Cheez-Its. #Felonies #AggBurglary

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Will Gallagher & Kyle Cassidy came to Nashville for a bachelor party, and they’re currently staying at an AirBNB on Lillian Ave in East Nashville. On their way here, a member of the group taped adult sex toys to over-sized water bottles in their carry-on’s so the TSA workers would have to remove them, so they could film her reaction – so it was clear they came for a good time, but after their antics below, they are leaving with felony charges for aggravated burglary.

Late Thursday night, MNPD responded to a call for service in regards to a burglary at a tall-n-skinny ‘duplex’ in East Nashville. The burglary victim lives on one side of the outer-connected residences, and the other side is a short term rental property, at which Gallagher & Cassidy were staying, along with others.

William Gallagher (MNPD)

There is video from inside the victim’s home that shows multiple white males entering both the front and back doors of the residence, and all were easily identifiable as the AirBNB guests next from next door. Multiple males are overheard on the video saying:

“We are in the wrong house”

“We broke into the wrong house!”

Apparently breaking into the wrong house didn’t phase the young men, perhaps because officers say they were believed to be “extremely intoxicated” during the burglary. Even after they talked about “breaking into the wrong house”, they continued to enter and exit the residence multiple times, through both entrances.

Kyle Cassidy (MNPD)

Security video clearly shows Kyle Michael Cassidy leaving the victim’s home with a box of Eggo Waffles in his hand, from the victim’s freezer. William Gallagher is seen leaving with a box of Cheez-Its, from the victim’s pantry.

Both Kyle Cassidy & William Gallagher were arrested & charged with aggravated burglary, and booked into jail. Each posted a $5,000 bond via Slater Bonding. They are scheduled to appear in court on 08/17.

A third member of the bachelor party was issued a citation for criminal trespass for entering the home multiple times.

Their TSA Prank

The STRP permit for 1414-A Lillian Street (CASR 201512660) was issued to Nathan & Peggy Jobe in April of 2015, as a non-owner occupied type, and has no previous complaints on file against the permit.

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