Bordeaux Drug Bust: Joshua Buford Arrested. MDMA, Cocaine, Guns. $75K Bond.

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Late Sunday night, MNPD North CSU detectives executed a narcotics related search warrant at 4014 Meadow Road, resulting in in the arrest of Joshua J Buford on 13 charges, ten of which are felonies.

During service of the search warrant, detectives seized a baggy that contained 24.4 grams of a turquoise substance that field tested positive for MDMA, a baggy containing 4.7 gram of a pink substance that field tested positive for MDMA, a baggy containing 7 grams of a white powdery substance that field tested positive for cocaine, as well as a black digital scale. These items were recovered from a safe in the Buford’s bedroom closet.

Joshua Buford, who is a 3x convicted felon for narcotics, also had multiple firearms in his possession. In Buford’s bedroom closet safe, detectives recovered a Colt Python 357, .357 revolver (reported stolen), a Glock model 32, .357 handgun, and a Taurus model PT92AF. Also inside his bedroom, underneath the mattress, police recovered a Mossberg Maverick, model 88, 12 gauge shotgun.

Police also recovered a marijuana grinder, burned marijuana cigarettes, and a cannabis edible in the defendant’s kitchen/living room area.

Joshua Buford is charged with theft of property, possession of cocaine w/intent, possession, possession w/intent – SCH 1, paraphernalia, and a total of 8 felony handgun related charges. He is currently held on $75,000 bond.


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