Cayce Homes: Mother Rips A/C out of Window to Climb In & Fight Daughter’s Girlfriend

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Around 1 AM Monday morning, MNPD responded to S 7th Street in Cayce Homes due to a report of a large fight.

Once on scene, officers determined from witnesses that Margaret Grizzard, 46, came downstairs in her daughter’s apartment, where she is living, and started arguing with her daughter and her daughter’s girlfriend. Her daughter, Ms. Wynn, and Ms. Lattimore, are dating, and were in a verbal argument inside the apartment before Wynn’s mother came downstairs.

Eventually the argument moved outside the apartment, at which point police say the women were jumped by a number of other subjects. Ms. Wynn & Ms. Lattimore ran back into the apartment and locked the door, in an attempt to get away from Margaret Grizzard, however Grizzard then ripped the air conditioner from the window, causing the window to break, and crawled through the opening to get back into her daughter’s apartment, in an attempt to fight her daughter’s girlfriend.

Ms. Wynn was able to keep her mother off of Ms Lattimore, and police arrived. Ms. Wynn is the only person on the lease, and her mother, Margaret Grizzard, was charged with vandalism and arrested. She was freed a few hours later on the pre-trial-release program back to the residence.

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