DCSO Finds 10 Xanax Bars and 4 grams of Cocaine in Woman’s Rectum During Intake

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Edith “Edy” Tiller, 19, is free on $5,000 bond after being found with drugs and a gun during a traffic stop Saturday night.

At 11:53 PM Saturday night, officers observed a silver Volkswagen Jetta, driven by Edy Tiller, fail to make a complete  stop at the side walk before coming onto South 6th Street from an apartment complex. When Officers got behind the vehicle, they could not see a visible license plate, so a traffic stop was initiated at South 6th & Shelby.

When Officers approached the vehicle, they could see a small amount of marijuana on the floor board behind the driver’s seat. Officers asked the above Edy Tiller, and her passenger, Martarius Bell, to step out of the vehicle. She immediately told officers she had a pistol in glove compartment, and there was “possibly a small amount of marijuana” in her purse.

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Officers conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle, and located a clear bag of marijuana in the center console, which weighted 56.1 grams. Officers also located a Taurus 38 caliber revolver in the glove compartment that was loaded with five rounds, along with a box of bullets that were 38 special caliber. In the back seat, a black backpack was found with digital scales inside, and a glass pipe was located under the radio.

Edy and Martarius both admitted to the marijuana, and Edy said she inherited the pistol from a family member. Martarius admitted to sharing marijuana regularly with the Edy but said he did not know of that quantity in the vehicle. Neither occupant admitted to the scale or the pipe.

Both were booked into custody, and when Edith ‘Edy’ Tiller was searched, DCSO employees located 10 Xanax bars and 4 grams of cocaine in the her rectum. Tiller is was charged with Weapon – possession w/intent, possession, contraband in jail, possession w/intent SCH II, possession w/intent SCH VI, & paraphernalia.  She posted a $5,000 bond, Paul’s Two.

Her passenger, Martarius Bell, was charged with Possession w/intent SCH VI & paraphernalia charges, and also posted bond.

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